Make Your Voice Heard

Because of COVID-19, we are not encouraging in-person events. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your voice heard!

Below are some ideas to get you started — feel free to customize these to make them even better  —  and then register your event or social activation to be counted. 

Heads up: We’ll be keeping an eye out for content to share during our national event on April 1, so make sure to tag us and use #TakeDownTobacco.

And to maximize your impact, consider tagging the President (@POTUS), Vice President (@VP), FDA (@FDATobacco), and/or your local elected officials.


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Ideas to Get Started

  •   Show the world how you won’t be fooled

    We know you have a voice and a unique way of expressing yourself. Can you rap? Are you a poet? What about painted art? Choose a unique way to explain how and why you won't be fooled by Big Tobacco. Post to your social media and use #TakeDownTobacco.

  •   Roast Big Tobacco

    Have a contest to see who can come up with the best joke or riddle calling out Big Tobacco. Share them all on your social media using #TakeDownTobacco. The best jokes might even be shared during our national event on April 1st. Don’t forget to tag us!

  •   Make your own April Fools’ Day Ad Against Flavored Tobacco Products

    We'll give you the facts and messages, you supply the creativity. Post it as a video or graphic to your social media and use #TakeDownTobacco. Maybe even set up a premiere!

  •   The Power of 20 

    Big Tobacco tries to fool us by using flavors to hook kids on nicotine. Since 1 JUUL pod equals the nicotine of 20 cigarettes, host a Zoom call or individually FaceTime with 20 friends to sign onto our National Day of Action petition urging policymakers to eliminate flavored tobacco products.

  •   April Fools’ Virtual Meeting. Real Facts.

    Contact an elected leader at any level to share the 10 ways Big Tobacco fools America's kids and families. Register your outreach as a virtual meeting. Let's make sure our legislators are armed with the facts and aren't fooled by this predatory industry.

  •   Local star power! 

    Host a virtual rally featuring local officials, athletes, community leaders, reporters, or other recognizable personalities in your community who are passionate about fighting Big Tobacco. Use their local star power and social media presence to boost the event! The rally could feature facts, roasts of Big Tobacco, or stories of why the community wants to #TakeDownTobacco.

  •   Host a Roast

    Are you funny? Maybe some of your friends are? Get together and write up a hilarious roast of Big Tobacco. Alternatively, you could work with a local comedian, broadcast news personality, or rising star from your school or organization to host the roast. Record the meeting and/or snap a screenshot of the event and share on social using #TakeDownTobacco. To further amplify your event, show Big Tobacco you won’t be a fool by tagging your local elected leaders.

  •   What is a fool? 

    Host an engaging Jeopardy-style virtual event complete with trivia facts that show how Big Tobacco is a fool and has been trying to dupe kids for years. Contestants could be local policymakers, youth advocates, parents or teachers. See who knows the most about how Big Tobacco tries to fool kids, and fold in important messages about why it must end. During the event, encourage participants to share facts they learned on social media along with #TakeDownTobacco.

  •   April Fools’ Digital Scavenger Hunt

    Set up a series of challenges for your friends, classmates, or organization. Participants can share what they found during a virtual event or on social media. Some ideas include:

    1) Post a video to TikTok or Instagram telling the world in 15 seconds or less why you won’t be fooled by Big Tobacco. Tag five friends and ask them to do the same. Bonus points could be given if someone posts to multiple platforms, receives a response, etc.

    2) Email or tweet at your local elected official(s) urging them to eliminate flavored tobacco products and telling them why you won’t be fooled by Big Tobacco’s tricks to addict youth.

    3) Find a news story on the risks of vaping (that was posted in, say, the last two weeks) and share on social media or during your virtual event.

Register Your Event

Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action is a show of momentum and empowerment against the tobacco industry. Each registered event demonstrates the groundswell of support across the country — together, our impact is greater and our voices are louder!

Tell us how you plan to #TakeDownTobacco. Everyone who registers their event or activation here will receive tools, resources, and assets via email leading up to the Day of Action.

If you have questions about registration, please contact