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On Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action, youth activists, educators, parents, health advocates and concerned community members come together to organize events to Take Down Tobacco.

Every year, thousands of people across the country participate in Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action events. These events range from raising awareness about key tobacco issues, encouraging youth to stay tobacco free, and encouraging elected leaders to take action to protect kids from the tobacco industry. You can browse our activities database in the steps below for ideas and materials, or you can get creative and create your own event.

If you’re unable to host an event this year, check out our event map to find events near you.

How it Works


Plan Your Event

Browse our database for activities and ideas you can use at schools and businesses.



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Once you know what you're going to do, register and tell us about it. 



Supercharge Your Event

Check out our resources page for tools to make your event even better.


Why Register Your Event?

Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action is a show of momentum and empowerment against the tobacco industry. Each registered event is added to an interactive map that demonstrates the groundswell of support across the country.

Registered event organizers receive event tips, email updates, free tool kits, and are eligible for prizes leading up to the day of action.

Our media team also pitches registered events to local and national news outlets across the country. Every year, many news outlets send reporters to cover events that catch their interest. When your event makes the news, your voice is amplified in a major way. Our collective impact grows bigger with every registered event!


Examples of Past Events

Honolulu, Hawaii

In Honolulu, the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii hosted a rally at the State Capitol to educate lawmakers about the dangers of breathing in secondhand smoke in vehicles.

Sunnyside, Washington

Students used the Taking Down Tobacco training program to educate themselves about tobacco before going out in the community and completing a walking tobacco audit.

Lincoln, Nebraska

No Limits, the statewide youth-led tobacco prevention group, gathered at the State Capitol to rally and meet with their state senators to discuss tobacco issues that are affecting youth.

Santa Rosa, California

In Santa Rosa, a group of students hosted a "Kids in Jeopardy" game to educate their peers about tobacco in their community.

Logan, Utah

In Logan, the Bear River Governing Youth Council created chalk art facts about tobacco use among youth to raise awareness of the issue in their community.

Monroe, Kentucky

Monroe County CARES Youth Prevention Ambassadors used a t-shirt display to show the number of Kentuckians killed by tobacco every day.


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