Youth Initiatives & Training Program

Ninety percent of all adult smokers begin this deadly addiction as teenagers, or earlier. As a result, youth are critical and powerful voices in the fight against tobacco. They encourage their peers to be tobacco-free, stand up to the tobacco industry and its deceptive marketing, and urge elected leaders to protect America’s kids from tobacco.

Through the following youth initiatives, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids fosters young leaders who are striving to make the next generation tobacco-free:

Take Down Tobacco Online Training Program

Take Down Tobacco is our comprehensive youth advocacy training program, created in partnership with the CVS Health Foundation. This initiative educates, empowers and engages youth through both online and in-person trainings. It engages new youth in the fight against tobacco and provides in-depth training to help young leaders take their advocacy to the next level.


Youth Engagement Alliance

The Youth Engagement Alliance (YEA) for Tobacco Control provides technical assistance and support to a network of adult coordinators who work with youth in tobacco control across the country. YEA’s mission is to create a unified voice that cultivates and advances strategies for youth engagement and advocacy in tobacco control by providing support, networking, training and resources for those working with youth.


National Youth Ambassadors

Our National Youth Ambassadors are high school-aged youth advocates who have demonstrated leadership and dedication in the fight against tobacco. Youth advocates are identified each year as representatives of their state through a competitive application process. These leaders are trained at our annual Youth Advocacy Symposium and engaged year-round through ongoing training, technical assistance and calls to action.

Youth Advocates of the Year Awards

Our annual Youth Advocates of the Year Awards honor top young leaders from across the country — individuals who have fought hard to promote tobacco prevention legislation, expose tobacco marketing to kids and keep their peers from using tobacco. Winners become Youth Ambassadors for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, serving as leaders on a national stage.



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