Anjana Kailasanath

Anjana Kailasanath, a high school junior from South Brunswick, New Jersey, is a big believer in the power of strong communities to help young people stay healthy and tobacco-free.

When Anjana was a freshman, a senior mentor introduced her to the New Jersey Department of Health’s Incorruptible.Us, a youth tobacco prevention and cessation program. Ever since, her advocacy work has centered around the idea of youth helping youth – working together to create safe, fun and supportive spaces that encourage peers to stay tobacco-free.

Not only is she looking out for her classmates, she’s also a tremendous advocate as a Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids National Youth Ambassador, working with elected officials on policies like ending flavored tobacco sales and increasing tobacco prevention and cessation funding. Outside of her advocacy work, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and dancing!

It's important to empower kids to create a community, and youth advocates are a super big part of that. We are the ones that can best create that community!

- Anjana Kailasanath