Billions of Butts

Cigarette butts are the number one cause of litter in the world - make it cool, easy, and cheap to clean them up with this activity.

You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Trash bags


Before the Activity:

  • Plan where you will have the pick-up and check with your town/city to see if you need a permit for the location of the clean-up. 
  • Map out your location- assign groups of volunteers to different areas of your location if necessary. 
  • Contact the media and make sure they know what you are doing, where you will be, and what time you will be there. 

During the Activity:

  • Meet with your volunteers at your designated clean-up location. Hand each group of participants a trash bag and gloves, and have them get to work! Be sure your participants count the butts along the way. 
  • Don’t just stop at butts, pick up littered pods and other disposable tobacco products that you see along the way as well! Collect these in a separate bag. 
  • If you plan to have a table, set-up your table and have representatives on hand to answer questions and share information. 
  • Post photos and videos to social media with the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco 

After the Activity:

  • Spread the message in your town. How many butts did you clean up? The number may disgust your community members and elected officials. Use this activity as a way to change policy in your community.
  • Contact the media again! Be sure to send a press release and photos to any media outlets who didn’t show up. 
  • Post photos and videos to social media with the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco