What's in a Vape Cloud?

This activity highlights the youth vaping epidemic with a unique, eye-catching display. This activity is a great way to share up to date facts with your peer and community. This activity is adapted from Wisconsin FACT.

You'll Need

  • At least 10 white beach balls or balloons in varying sizes 
  • Fishing line 
  • Paper clips for ceiling placement or tape for wall placement 
  • Index cards 
  • Markers/pens


Before the Activity:

  • Select a location where people will see your vape cloud display – be sure to get permission if needed. 
  • Learn about the toll of the vaping epidemic here and select the facts you want to use. 
  • Write facts about vaping in large lettering on index cards – one fact per card. 
  • Blow up the beach balls or balloons. 
  • Hang the index cards from some of the balls/balloons with fishing line (hang them around eye level so people are able to read them).
  • Use fishing line and paper clips or hang the balls/balloons from the ceiling or use tape to secure them to a wall in a cloud formation. 

During the Activity:

  • Take photos of your vape cloud display and share them on social media using the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco 
  • Monitor the display periodically. 
  • Answer questions from peers about vaping. 

After the Activity:

  • Take down the vape cloud and clean up the area where it was displayed. 
  • Post your photos of the display on social media and in your outreach to your local news outlets using the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco