Fatal Figures

How do you get people to realize how deadly tobacco is? By creating a powerful visual sowing your state's "fatal figures."

You’ll Need

  • Any items that can creatively symbolize numbers 
  • Signage with your statistics


Before the Activity:

  • Choose your “Fatal Figure”. Make sure the number is feasible with the items you are going to use- it’s really difficult to find 480,000 items. To get started, check out our Resources page
  • Identify what items are going to work best for your display- are you going to use shoes? Lunch boxes? Tombstones? Body bags? Be creative!
  • Identify a high traffic location to set up your display, be sure to get the proper permission ahead of time. 
  • Collect the items and put together your display that you are going to use to represent your statistic. Work with your group or your friends, and explore collaborating and partnering with other organizations or groups in your community to support your mission. Make sure you give yourself enough time to collect all the items you need! 
  • Create the signs, posters, and other visuals to explain your statistic and display. 
  • Create a plan for the items you have collected once your event is over (example, if you collected shoes, think about donating the shoes to a local charity). 
  • Contact the media and make sure they know what you are doing, where you will be, and what time you will be there. 

During the Activity:

  • Set-up and create your visual display in the planned location where many people will see it. 
  • Set up a table or booth manned by your group members to share additional information on fighting Big Tobacco on hand. 
  • Post photos and videos to social media with the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco 

After the Activity:

  • Contact the media again! Be sure to send a press release and photos to any media outlets who didn’t show up. 
  • Post photos and videos to social media with the hashtag #TakeDownTobacco