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Eliminating Menthol Cigarettes

Lives Saved

Eliminating menthol cigarettes could save up to 654,000 lives, including 238,000 Black lives, over the next 40 years. This #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action is the perfect opportunity for President Biden to finalize the rule!

Three Reasons

Eliminating menthol cigarettes protect kids, saves lives and advances health equity. This #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action is the perfect opportunity for President Biden to finalize the rule.

Tobacco Industry Targeting

For decades, Big Tobacco has targeted Black Americans with menthol cigarettes, and it’s had a devastating impact on Black Health. This #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action, President Biden must eliminate menthol cigarettes to advance health equity and save lives.

Youth Advocates and Organizers

Join Me

Join me on April 1 for #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action! This nationwide campaign is a great way to call out Big Tobacco for targeting our peers and community. Learn more at

Fight Back

Big Tobacco must be joking if they think they can get away with targeting our generation. That’s why I’m joining youth across the country on #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action to call out this predatory industry. Learn more at

Can’t Stop Us

Big Tobacco can’t stop a movement this big. On #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action, I’m joining advocates across the country to stop this multibillion-dollar industry from targeting our generation. Learn more at 


Stand with Kids

We can’t wait for [@Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’/@tobaccofreekids’] #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action! On April 1, youth across the country are demanding action to stop the tobacco industry from targeting their generation. We’re proud to stand with them! Learn more at

Healthy Future

We love to see youth standing up for a healthier future on #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action. We join with them and [@Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’/@tobaccofreekids’] in calling for more action to protect our kids and communities from tobacco. Learn more at

Toll of Tobacco

Tobacco kills 480,000 people in the U.S. every year, and the tobacco industry is hooking a new generation with flavored products. On April 1, youth advocates are standing up and fighting back on #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action. Learn more at

Educators/Healthcare Providers

End Youth Vaping

Over 2.1 million kids use e-cigarettes in the U.S. — and kids are rightfully fed up that their generation is being targeted. That’s why we’re joining youth advocates calling for change to tackle this public health crisis on #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action! Learn more at

Protect Student Health

2.8 million kids use a tobacco product in the U.S. This public health crisis impacts student health and classrooms across the country. That’s why we stand with the youth advocates demanding change on #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action. Learn more at

Get Students Involved

#TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action is a great opportunity for youth to stand up to the tobacco industry and make their voice heard! Find out how you can organize an event or encourage your students to get involved in [@Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’/@tobaccofreekids’] signature day of youth advocacy.


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