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Search the activities database for ideas or create your own activities to engage your audience. There are activities appropriate for all venues and audiences, including schools, colleges/universities, workplaces, and community spaces. Make sure to register and tell us about your event so we can keep you updated on great event tips, put your event on the official National Day of Action map, and help attract media attention to maximize our collective impact.

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#TakeDownTobacco Power Wall

Make a powerful visual impact and inspire others to join the fight by creating an interactive wall where people can...

Postcard Party

Postcard Party

Demonstrate community concern about tobacco and e-cigarettes by collecting postcards.

Billionsof Butts

Billions of Butts

Make it easy and fun to clean up cigarette butts, the most littered item in the world.

Activity petition

Petition Campaign

Let decision makers know that your school/community wants to be protected from tobacco.

Contact Your Legislator

Contact Your Legislators

Use your voice - contact your legislators to support protecting kids from tobacco.


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