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Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk

Grab attention with a parade of zombies illustrating the effects of tobacco.

Postcard Party

Postcard Party

Demonstrate community concern about tobacco and e-cigarettes by collecting postcards.

Vape Cloud

What's in a Vape Cloud?

Clear up misconceptions about what’s in e-cigarette vapor with this fun and creative activity.

Activity bodybag

Body Bag or Tombstone Display

Spark conversation with a powerful visual showing the deadly consequences of tobacco.

Billionsof Butts

Billions of Butts

Make it easy and fun to clean up cigarette butts, the most littered item in the world.

Fatal Figures

Fatal Figures

Help people realize the deadly consequences of tobacco with creating a powerful visual.

Activity petition

Petition Campaign

Let decision makers know that your school/community wants to be protected from tobacco.

Anti Tobacco Rally

Anti-Tobacco Rally

Hold a rally to shine a spotlight on your policy issue.

Dirty Laundry

Airing Out Big Tobacco’s “Dirty Laundry”

Expose tobacco industry lies and slick marketing tricks with a powerful visual display.

Contact Your Legislator

Contact Your Legislators

Use your voice - contact your legislators to support protecting kids from tobacco.

Activity cups

Cups in a Fence

Spell out your message to communicate quickly and efficiently with this easy activity.

Activity soapbox

Soap Box

Get up on your soapbox and spread the word about Big Tobacco’s lies.

Activity putwhat

They Put WHAT in a Cigarette?!

Clear the haze about what’s in cigarettes and/or e-cigarettes with this activity.